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A Diamond Platform Like No Other

Simple, direct & secure. Diamond Marketplace is a consumer-based platform that offers the freedom of peer-to-peer transactions while promising the transparency of world-class diamond trading sites.

How It Works

Buyer Seller

01. Go to the Diamond Marketplace store and browse hundreds of pre-owned diamonds. You can search for a specific type of diamond or look through the entire selection

02. Found the perfect diamond? Create an account. From there you can set a bid for the diamond or purchase directly.

03. Your diamond will then be authenticated by our experts. We can also set your diamond into jewellery if desired. We then ship the diamond directly to you.

01. Go to the Diamond Marketplace and receive an instant valuation for the diamond you wish to sell. No GIA number? No worries, we can still offer a valuation within a few working days.

02. If satisfied with your valuation, set up your seller account and store homepage. You can now receive bids and direct offers from buyers.

03. Once you agree on a proposed price from a buyer, you close the bidding and sell your diamond. Your diamond will then be authenticated by our experts. Finally, ship the diamond to the buyer and the sale is complete.

A Diamond Marketplace For The 21st Century

Diamond Marketplace was born out of a desire to provide a safe, secure and open C2C platform for buying and selling diamonds online. The brainchild of Ryder Diamonds and BarbiDiam, Diamond Marketplace seeks to disrupt the current market by addressing all the challenges modern-day diamond sellers and buyers face regularly.

A glimmering diamond

Buying Diamonds

Looking to purchase diamonds in Hong Kong?

Whether engagement rings, GIA-certified diamonds, tennis bracelets or more, Diamond Marketplace offers an extensive and carefully curated catalogue of diamonds, jewelleries, and vendors to match you with the perfect piece at the best value.

Transparency is at the heart of Diamond Marketplace’s model, ensuring full peace-of-mind for all customers. We believe that buying diamonds online should be an enjoyable experience, with a focus on finding what speaks to you, rather than worrying about a diamond’s validity, price opaqueness and if you’re getting the best value for your purchase.

Sign up to our priority wait list now to be among the first to experience the diamond marketplace of the future.

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Selling Diamonds

Sell diamonds online seamlessly with Diamond Marketplace. After years of experience operating in the diamond market, we understand the frustrations and barriers-to-entry sellers experience when trying to make a diamond transaction. That’s why at Diamond Marketplace, we’ve streamlined the entire process, managing and disintermediating several layers in the transaction process thereby allowing you, the seller, to focus on reaching and engaging with the perfect customer for your goods.

Sign up to our priority wait list now to be among the first to experience the diamond marketplace of the future.

A diamond expert appraising a large diamong with a magnifying tool.
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